From the school project to business.

In Denmark, we have some of the best tap water in the world, and we believe that it should be used better.

Vand er en resource vi har alle steder i Danmark. Det er helt fantastisk, men samtidig undervurderet. Vi har vel alle prøvet en dag hvor der var slukket for vandet. Her opdager man virkelig hvor nemt, og hvor tit man "bare" åbner for vandhanen. Derfor er det også super vigtigt at udnytte vores rene og bæredygtige postevand. Det er både billigere og bedre for kroppen at tilvælge postevand end vand på engangsflasker.

Ejer af Vandret - Alex Christensen

How did it start?

In 2017, when Alex went to design school in Copenhagen, he wondered that half of his fellow students had water in disposable bottles instead of reusable water bottles, cups or glasses; although most had an environmentally conscious and vegan lifestyle.

Therefore, he set out to investigate what created this trend. Here he quickly found out that the round design that a traditional water bottle has is very impractical in the bag. With this discovery, the Danish designed Horizontal water bottle was created.

"Buying water in disposable bottles is like buying sand in the Sahara"

<transcy>Owner of VANDRET - Alex Christensen</transcy>

<transcy>From school project to part time job.</transcy>

The company was established in September 2017, with the aim of creating an alternative to the disposable bottles. It was important to provide an alternative that is both timeless, user-friendly and provides more than it takes. The focus points were to create a bottle that was optimal to carry in the bag, suitable for health - both for the body and nature, while having a nice and ergonomic design.

Slowly but surely, both the attention and the sale of the bottles increased, so that more liquidity was quickly needed to order bottles at home, more time to handle logistics and not least more time to service customers' inquiries about printing. on the bottles, engraving, etc. the wallet - on the contrary.

It's pretty wild that tap water is 900 times better for the environment

and on average 500 times cheaper than disposable bottled water.

<transcy>Owner of Vandret - Alex Christensen</transcy>