From the school project to business.

In Denmark, we have some of the best tap water in the world, and we believe that it should be utilized better.

Ejer af Vandret - Alex Christensen til Finders Keepers

How did it start?

In 2017, when Alex went to design school in Copenhagen, he wondered that half of his fellow students had water in disposable bottles instead of recyclable water bottles, cups or glasses; although most had an environmentally conscious and vegan lifestyle.

Therefore, he set out to investigate what created this trend. Here he quickly found out that the round design that a traditional water bottle has is very impractical in the bag. With this discovery, the Danish designed Horizontal water bottle was created.

"Buying water in disposable bottles is like buying sand in the Sahara"

Owner of Horizontal - Alex Christensen

It's crazy fast!

The company was established in September 2017, with the aim of creating an alternative to the disposable bottles. It was important to provide an alternative that is both timeless, user-friendly and provides more than it takes. The focus points are to create a bottle that is optimal to carry in the bag, suitable for health - both for the body and nature and which also has a nice and ergonomic design.

Since the beginning, Horizontal has had growing pains! It warms deep inside that so many have opted for Horizontal and thereby opted out of a behavioral culture that does neither good for the environment, health nor the wallet - on the contrary.

It's pretty wild that tap water is 900 times better for the environment

and on average 500 times cheaper than water in disposable bottles.

Owner of Horizontal - Alex Christensen
Nye partnere til Vandret
New forces
New partners

In August 2020, Henrik and Peter invested in Horizontal.

The lions are investing!

In August 2020, Henrik and Peter invested in the company, as they could see great opportunities to create something unique and incredibly value-creating. It's no secret that Alex is a detail and product nerd and therefore the two investors are a very important injection of new knowledge and business understanding, which provides an opportunity to spread the knowledge of Horizontal even more; and Alex can be allowed to immerse himself in making Hornet's products even more special.

Horizontal is constantly changing and therefore continuously develops new initiatives that make it easier to choose tap water.

We look forward to making the world a better place drop by drop with you!