Make your own mark on Horizontal and stand out in the crowd. Horizontal water bottles get a lot of attention and your business can take advantage of this to create strong marketing of your brand.

A canvas of possibilities

Horizontal water bottles are flat and therefore there is an opportunity to be creative in a large area. All horizontal planes of the Horizontal Water Bottles can be printed or engraved. Limited only by imagination!

Tryk eller gravering

Vi kan lave lige det du ønsker. Er du til den flotte nedtonet gravering som har en sublimt look og nænsomt kan mærkes med fingrene på flasken eller skal dit statement/logo stå knivskarpt og tydeligt så alle kan se det?

Why so special?

We take the classic round water bottle up for reconsideration and think innovatively. This has resulted in the flat Horizontal shape which is designed to easily fit in the bag and at the same time ergonomically hold and carry in the hand.

The horizontal is perfect in bags and very practical to carry on the go, that way tap water can always be transported and the purchase of disposable plastic bottles can be avoided.

The flat design also allows Horizontal to be stacked, thereby minimizing space in the refrigerator, among other things.

Press it off!

Horizontal water bottles can be engraved and printed with exactly your logo or desired illustration / text. Because Horizontal water bottles are flat, virtually the entire water bottle can be engraved and printed on both sides. We can print in just the color you want. A Horizontal water bottle is made of SAN plastic which results in it withstanding boiling water so that it can be cleaned properly, at the same time it can get in the freezer and be used as a freezer element. In addition, they can of course also get in the dishwasher.

What do customers say?

We love Horizontal Water Bottles, our special Generous Water Bottles are absolutely amazing!

Generous - Anja Berglund

Horizontal water bottles help to create the new identity for Sweco architects.

SWECO - Carina Juul

What should your Horizontal look like?

Get prices for printing / engraving

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