Make your own mark on Vandret and stand out in the crowd. Vandret water bottles get a lot of attention and your business can take advantage of this to create strong marketing for your brand.

A canvas of possibilities

Vandret water bottles are flat and therefore there is an opportunity to be creative in a large area. All Vandret planes of the Vandret water bottles can be printed or engraved. Only the imagination sets limits!

Printing or engraving

We can do exactly what you want. Are you for the beautiful toned-down engraving which has a sublime look and can be gently felt with your fingers on the bottle or should your statement / logo be razor sharp and clear so that everyone can see it?

Why so special?

We review the classic round water bottle and think innovatively. This has resulted in the flat Vandret shape which is designed to easily get into the bag and at the same time ergonomically hold and carry in the hand.

The Vandret is perfect in bags and very practical to carry on the go, in this way, tap water can always be transported and the purchase of disposable plastic bottles can be avoided.

The flat design also allows the Vandret to be stacked, thereby minimizing the space in, among other things, the refrigerator.

<transcy>Press for the win!</transcy>

Vandret water bottles can be engraved and printed with exactly your logo or desired illustration / text. Because Vandret water bottles are flat, virtually the entire water bottle can be engraved and printed on both sides. We can print in just the color you want. A Vandret water bottle is made of SAN plastic which results in it withstanding boiling water so that it can be cleaned properly, at the same time it can be put in the freezer and used as a freezer element. In addition, of course, they can also get in the dishwasher.

We can make a minimum order of 50 pcs. with print or engraving. In addition, we make individual prices on orders over 100 pcs.

We look forward to working with you.

What do customers say?

We are in love with our new company water bottles from Vandret. The design and feel of your hand is just right, and it fits perfectly in your bag without taking up too much space.

Generous - Anja Berglund

The bottle is simply so practical and at the same time a good signal to send, so we are proud to let it follow in the relationship with our customers.

DELUX Denmark - Peter Rietz

How to yours
Vandret look?

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